To-Do List, Revisited

Unfortunately, Thanksgiving Break is Over (with a capital O). Actually, it's not that sad because..... Christmas is coming! Anyway, I feel like I had a very productive break.
Let's revisit my pre-break to-do list and see how I did, shall we?

  1. Finish hall cabinet-turned-console table
  2. Finish our headboard *
  3. Try this DIY project
  4. Make mashed potatoes for 20 people (It's my first time making a Thanksgiving dish, I'm growing up!)
  5. Clean and put away all Fall decor
  6. Decorate for Christmas
  7. Find a cute (simple!) song for my students to preform in our winter assembly. 
  8. Paint the step stool my father-in-law made for me. 
We finished our console table last weekend and have been loving the new look (and tons of storage) it has been providing for us!
I did successfully make mashed potatoes for the large crowd at my family's Thanksgiving. 
We took down all our fall decor on Black Friday, packed it up into boxes, and whisked it away to our storage closet. (Goodbye blue pumpkin....)
I did start (and finish) my Christmas decorating on Black Friday. This was not without some frustration. To give you an idea, this is how my lovely husband decided to pack up our snowflakes from last year. Can you guess who won't be doing that job this January??
Although not originally on the list, I found time to make these fun coasters for some holiday gifts we are working on. 
As for the song for my students, I decided we'll be singing Rudolph this year. It was a pretty easy choice: the words are fairly simple, I happen to own a Raffi CD of the song, and I'm sure my kids will look absolutely adorable in little reindeer hats we'll make next week! 
* Now onto the headboard... I actually did do this project, but I'm afraid to say, it was an epic fail. Seriously... it looks like my 5-year-old students made it... So, until I think up an appropriate solution to my headboard situation, no pictures!
So, the only thing I didn't get to was painting my step stool. (Sorry Bob!)

Besides completing numerous projects, Nick and I got to spend lots of time with each other, we visited with our families, had a fun night with good friends, put up Christmas lights at our building, saw Harry Potter, did some Christmas shopping, and had numerous turkey sitings...

All in all, it was a productive break. I'll be back later this afternoon to post pictures and a quick DIY of the art project I completed this break. 

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving Break as well!

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