Feelin' Fancy

Last January I bought this chandelier from IKEA, with a gift card I had left over from Christmas.
 The chandelier was $40, which I thought was pretty reasonable... Well, when I came home to show Nick my purchase, he wasn't quite as thrilled as I was. As the son of a lighting man, he was skeptical of any light that came from IKEA. (Little does he know,  many of the lamps in our home come from there!) So, he was not very willing to hang my chandy. Sadly, the box got moved to our Room of Requirement, (more about that later...) where it sat for about 7 months.
Then one fine July weekend, out of the blue, my lovely husband said to me, "Hey, where's your chandelier?" To which I replied by jumping up and down and racing to get it, before he changed his mind. :)
We decided to hang it in the kitchen, where our ugliest and most boring light fixture previously resided.

Nick classy-ed up my IKEA fixture by taking out the chain and shortening it. The whole switcharoo took maybe 30 minutes,  since Mr. Nick claims he been hanging fixtures with his dad since he was little. The longest part of the process was me running up and down the stairs of our apartment building to make sure the power REALLY was turned off (You know how tricky those old wires can be!)
I have to say, I LOVE the results! I now feel oh-so-fancy when I'm washing dishes or making dinner in my little kitchen.

 Nick begrudgingly admitted that it was a change for the better as well.

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