Score at Urban Ore!

... not like that, sicko!
Bright and early on Saturday morning, Nick, Lucy, and I picked up our Starbucks and hopped in the car to begin yet another DIY project. 

This time we were on the quest for a kitchen or bathroom cabinet to turn into an entryway table.  I got the idea from BH&G's DIY magazine on storage solutions. 

My supremely patient husband is always up for a DIY adventure, and readily agreed to my plan, even if he couldn't quite see my vision yet... So, off we went to some of our favorite recycled building goods stores, ReStore and Urban Ore. Although ReStore had a lot of cabinets for sale, they were a little pricey at $30 for a single. Since we I wanted a double cabinet, we left  pretty quickly for Urban Ore. 

If you live in the Bay Area, I highly recommend a trip to Urban Ore. It is a warehouse-like store with over 3 acres of recycled goods. They have everything; doors, cabinets, church pews, chairs, tables, records, home goods, knobs, windows, lights, random painting and mannequins, and of course the super old electronics section...

(Here is my hubby, sidetracked by an old, non-working record player as I waited impatiently for him to come look at cabinets with me.)

We (finally) made our way to the cabinet section, where there are rows and rows of kitchen, bathroom, and file cabinets all stacked together. We decided on this beauty, after viewing our options: 

 We both liked how the sliding doors gave this cabinet a vintage-y feel. Plus, it has a little more character than you average kitchen cabinet. Even though the wood is a little scratched, its nothing that a little sanding and paint can't take care of! Plus, the price was quite tempting:

On we went with our new purchase (and our puppy) to my father-in-law's to do some sanding, sawing, and repairing...

The DIY adventure continues....

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