Console Table Evolution

      Last weekend I repainted our console table (yet again!) with this fun design. 
When we originally bought this table from Home Goods almost a year ago, it looked something like this (except it was two-toned): 


We painted it light blue right away, and I used some decorative paper for the drawers. 

I still didn't love it, so I repainted the drawers yet again... and again... and then a couple of weeks ago I was reading one of my favorite blogs Centsational Girl and read about how Kate painted her office credenza and it turned out beautifully!
Photo via centsationalgirl.com
I loved this design so much that I decided to recreate it on our console table- so out came the paint again! I followed Kate's tutorial for painting stripes. Since my table was already blue, I was taping the negative space, which was a little bit tricky. The longest part of the whole project was measuring and taping everything correctly. 

I really like the way it turned out and I promised Nick I won't repaint this table again (for at least a year anyway!)

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  1. Gorgeous!!!! I have the same 'issue' with my hub, he always wants me to wait to paint something again! Your design turned out so well, and your console is so unique.
    Love it,


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