Bedroom Inspiration

 There's a reason we haven't really shown any pictures of the bedroom in our home... It's definitely a work-in-progress. Its about 85% complete and I think it just needs some small finishing touches to pull it together. Here is an inspiration board to show you what I'm thinking, in terms of finalizing the room. 
  1.  I LOVE this duvet cover from West Elm. Pottery Barn carried a similar one a couple years ago, but this one is about half the price and its organic! I would really love it in sea spray, which is a light blue. (Are you listening, lovey??) Since Nick insists on sleeping with the windows open year-round, I've decided an extra duvet, that can be folded at the end of our bed, is necessary for my warmth and sanity. 
  2. I found this picture on House of Turquoise and I love the idea of 3 big pillows lining the headboard, instead of 2 shams. My mom is teaching me how to sew and I think my first project may be some pillows for the bed!
  3. This picture is also from West Elm. I really like the asymmetrical grouping of white frames above the bed. We have many white IKEA frames that I could use to do this and I'm thinking of some black-and-whites to fill them, to keep things more neutral and serene. 
  4. This picture is from yours truly. I created this grouping of frames on the back wall of our office nook. I think that I'd like to do it again but with a little less color. 
Now here's a compilation of what we currently have in our room:
  1. This is a picture of our wall color. We used to have white walls like the rest of our home, but I convinced my hubby to paint them last spring. We love the warmth that this light brown paint brings to the room. It makes it feel nice and cozy. (As you can see, our plaster walls are VERY textured).
  2. These are the colors we really like for the bedroom and they have been popping up in different spots (a painting, our duvet, vases, etc.)
  3. This is the stain color that we used on some of our furniture in the bedroom.
  4. The rest of the furniture is painted with this off-white. I really like mixing and matching pieces and finishes, rather than having an entire matchy-matchy furniture set. 
  5. This is placemat from Pottery Barn. I unstitched the side, filled it with stuffing and restitched it to create a rectangular pillow. I really love the blues and greens in the pattern. 
  6. I found this material at my favorite material store Piedmont Fabric. (Seriously, if I could own a material store it would look just like this one!) The fabric is an organza with little cut-out pieces sewn in lines down it. I used this fabric to cover the plain white lampshades in our room. 
  7. This is our duvet cover, which was a wedding gift, also from Pottery Barn. It has a simple green dot pattern in two rows around the border. I like it and I think it would definitely complement the new duvet I will be getting for Christmas (just kidding!) One can never have enough duvets...
  8. This is the color of our baseboards and crown molding. We were lucky to have some nice chunky crown molding already installed all around our apartment (Another period aspect that I love about our place!) 
So there you have it- a plan (of sorts) for finally finishing our bedroom! I'll keep you updated on the progress...

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