Gobble Gobble

I spy with my little eye....

On our morning outing to the dog park today, Lucy and I spotted three feathered friends. These guys were just chilling inside the dog park. They were totally relaxed and the dogs left them alone. Personally, I think that with Thanksgiving so close, they were trying to escape the prospect of being anyone's Thanksgiving dinner.

Lucy was quite interested and we sat at the fence for a few minutes, watching them prance around the hill.
We've actually spotted these guys before, crossing the busy street, walking around the rose garden by our home, and walking down the sidewalk... I'm not really sure where they live, since we live in a fairly urban environment.
This turkey-siting surely livened up our morning walk and put me in the Thanksgiving mood. I just hope our neighborhood turkeys avoid becoming anyone's Thanksgiving Dinner this year! Three more days, guys!!

{PS: I apologize for the poor cell-phone quality pictures, as I did not have my camera with me.}

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