Happy Veteran's Day!

Happy Veteran's Day to everyone!  We are so grateful for the men and women who fight for our freedom.
.... And, we're grateful for mid-week holidays from school! Today, I spent my day off doing a little shopping at my oh-so-favorite store, Home Goods! (For some reason, we never call it Home Goods, just "THE Home Store.") Whenever Nick hears that I'm heading to The Home Store, he gets a little nervous!

He shouldn't worry too much, I'm a pretty frugal shopper (most of this time!) and I only visit Home Good every few months so the impact is small... Anyway, I picked up a few new things that I'm quite excited about.
Numero Uno:  I found these 2 small urns on clearance for only five bucks a piece. Don't worry, they are fairly unattractive right now, but I have big plans (involving high-gloss spray paint!) for these little guys! 

Next to make its way into our home is a new umbrella stand! Okay...so that's not really what it is, it was originally intended to be a vase or candle holder, I believe. However, I'm all about the repurposing around here and Nick and I have been talking about an umbrella stand for a while (especially with the rainy season coming up...).
Of course the addition of said umbrella stand, inspired a mini foyer make-over. (Do you see why Nick gets so nervous about The Home Store??)
My last purchase was an apothecary jar. I've been wanting one for a while and they have tons at Michaels. However, I haven't been willing to pay $30+ for one. So lo-and-behold, Home Goods saves the day with a $12 look-alike! Wohoo!  Here's a picture of my new apothecary jar- empty for now. Come Christmas time, this guy will definitely get to be front and center! 
So there you have it, my fabulous new Home Good's purchases! Anyone else heart HG as much as I do?? 

Stay tuned for the urn make-over and have a wonderful Veteran's Day!

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