A look around our home...


Dining Room
 Next you see our "dining room." This actually half of our living room. When we moved in, we weren't sure what to do with this huge room, because our living room furniture only took up about half of it. After living with an empty half room for a year, we purchased a dining room table, added an area rug, and voila- created a dining room!
Living Room
This is the view of our living room. (You can see our dining room in the background). We played around with furniture placement for quite awhile. Nick dreaded me asking if we could just try the couch out in "one more spot, please???" We are finally happy with this placement, since it more or less defines the two spaces in this room. 

Our Breakfast Nook is a tiny area that connects our living area to our kitchen. Again this is another room that has seen more than a few changes in its day... All for the better, of course! 

 We have a rather tiny kitchen, which works well most of the time... Nick and I can cook in here together just fine. We have had to be creative with some of our storage solutions. As you may notice, this is the first room you see where my love of pink is evident. I LOVE pink, and it took me a little while to come to terms with the fact that I live with a boy and my house can't all be pink... However, the kitchen is a compromise - since I'm in there more anyway! 

Home Office
Finally we come to another "nook" in our home. This one serves as our home office. Originally (waaay before we moved in, probably before we were born!) this was a closet, but somewhere along the way, most of the apartments in our building, received this charming, functional little remodel and offices were installed! We love how long the desk is, so that it can accommodate 2 computes and much more!

So there's our little home tour for now... More pictures to come later!

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