Holy Aqua-mole!

Lately I've had a slight obsession with the color aqua or turquoise... Its been creeping up in spots around our home for the past few months. Luckily, I can get a daily fix of turquoise/inspiration from one of my favorite websites, House of Turquoise. My latest aqua-fication took place last weekend and was a $15 makeover that made a huge impact. We have two built-in cabinets flanking the archway into our kitchen area. Each cabinet has an upper display, with a glass door. (We took the picture below before moving in- hence the lack of furniture). 

Although I always liked the cabinets, I felt like they didn't stand out with their white backgrounds and mostly white displays... 
So, I added a $3 extra large piece of turquoise decorative paper to each cabinet. I used scotch tape to attach to the top and the sides of the back panel (since no one can see those spots with the doors closed AND we didn't want a permanent change, since we're renters...) It took probably 5 minutes to measure, cut, and tape the paper into each cabinet and they looked 100% better. 

We made two more quick changes to the cabinets: 
1. I took out the top shelf in each cabinet to make it look a little less crowded.
2. Nick attached $6 florescent battery-operated lights from Home Depot to the top of each cabinet. Luckily these beauties are totally hidden when the doors are shut!

Everything ugly is hidden when the doors are closed- we're tricky like that! 
So, that's how we took our cabinets from drab to fab for about $15 and 15 minutes of work! I hope you like our aqua-fabulous update!  

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