Hi! We're Jessica and Nick and we started this blog to chronicle our daily adventures in marriage, life, work, decorating, and pretty much anything else you can imagine! We are a 20-something couple that have been married for 2+ years and are loving life!

We live in (and manage) a wonderful old apartment building in the Bay Area. Most days we love our apartment and can't imagine living anywhere else! While our apartment has a ton of natural beauty and architecture, over the past couple years, we have been slowly making it our own; creating our own art, painting (and repainting and repainting again) found or second-hand furniture, and generally falling in love with the place we call home.

We have 2 wonderful pets with which we may be slightly obsessed... Lucy is our 4 year old eternal puppy and Henry (our 4 month old kitten) is the newest member of the Reisfelt clan. We don't have any kids (yet) so our animals our definitely our babies!

Welcome to our blog and we are excited to share our life with you!

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