the reisfelts

Hi! We're Nick and Jessica. We are a young couple in our 20s and we're living our life in the beautiful Bay Area. We've been married for four years and we dated for 5 years before that, all the way through college. Our little family just expanded as we welcomed our son  Hayden on August 3rd, 2012. Hayden's not our only baby- we also have Lucy (our 7 year old puppy) and Henry (our 2 year old kitten). It's a full house!  
We like to keep busy! While Nick works hard in the corporate world, I am a special education teacher, educating kindergarten students with significant speech and language delays. For two and a half years we managed the 1920's apartment building where we lived in Oakland, CA. However, with baby on the way, we moved out to the suburbs and bought our very first house, a semi-fixer-upper in May 2012.
In our spare time, we love to explore the Bay Area, travel, watch movies, run, eat Mexican food, go to the beach, and of course take on a good DIY project! We think the blog just got a whole lot more exciting, now that we're home-owners instead of renters! We have big dreams for our home and we love home makeovers of any kind!

We started this blog to chronicle our daily experiences with DIY projects, as well as to keep connected with friends and family. Thanks so much for stopping by and we hope you come back often!

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