The Room of Requirement


Okay, how many people got the Harry Potter reference?? Over at the Reisfelt casa, we're a little geeked out about the newest Harry Potter movie coming out. We already have a date set up with my entire family to see the movie the day before Thanksgiving. Nick and I have been re-watching all of the old movies (one a night) in preparation for the new movie. I know, we're cool like that! : )

Anyway, in an earlier post I alluded to our own Room of Requirement (ROR). Since we (okay mostly just Nick) have taken over as apartment managers and received keys to everything, we discovered what we fondly refer to as the Room of Requirement. Its actually a work room/ store room for everything in the apartment building... There are about a million old doors and windows, chandeliers, light fixtures, 50 year old newspapers, stoves, refrigerators, random wood, every paint color ever used anywhere in the building, furniture, a bike, printers, decorative accents for our building, and pretty much anything else you could think of! Because it resembles the ROR in Harry Potter, with things precariously balanced, and mazes of junk, the name has stuck!

I love the ROR! Nick even carved out a little painting/staining station for me in there, since (being somewhat clumsy), I'm not really allowed to paint in our apartment anymore...

 Not only that, we have found some great treasures in the ROR that we have repurposed for our home. In Nick's eternal quest to clean up the ROR, he has come upon some things he thought I'd like. Such as this ceramic tile that I painted blue AND the little piece of wood I stained and made into a shelf for our radiator. 

Also, this piece of wood that I painted and added hooks to make into a coat rack. 
And finally this little guy was quite dirty and rusty when Nick brought him to me. But some cleaning and painting,  and he is now a perfect little book/plant holder: 

So, that's our super cool Room of Requirement... Anyone else excited for Harry Potter??
Images courtesy of dsweet.blogspot.com and iheartwatson.net, likely courtesy of WarnersBrothers.com 

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