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soundtrack to my life

I'm definitely not a musical person; I can't play an instrument or carry a tune to save my life. However, I love listening to music and almost always have it playing when we're home, when I'm working, cooking, whenever. Sometimes I really identify with songs because I feel like the lyrics really speak to me at the moment. Other times, I latch onto songs because they remind me of a specific moment in my life, even if the actual words of the song have nothing to do with anything relating to my life. Whenever I do find a song like that, I end up listening to it on repeat for like 2 weeks straight (drives Nick crazy...). My most recent song has nothing to do with anything except this: 
The other day, Hayden and I were in the kitchen. He was playing with measuring spoons and bowls and hiding his magnet letters in drawers for me to find later. I was cooking dinner. We had our Pandora on and our pumpkin candles lit and there was light streaming through the window and this song came on.

It was just one of those moments where I felt so blessed and undeserving of this beautiful life. It's one of those little moments that I want to remember forever, even though it was so ordinary. Anyway... that's my current favorite song for the week- until another strikes a chord next week ;) 


5 on Friday

Five little updates from this week:  
1. The painters already finished most of the downstairs yesterday and it's such a big difference! Sorry for the bad iPhone picture, I'll share much better ones when all the painting is done! 
2. This kid cracks me up. Everyday, he's doing something so silly. His new thing is to climb into containers, boxes, pans, trays, anything that will hold his size. Yesterday while I was getting ready, he climbed into a laundry basket in our room and played in there for 15 minutes. 

3. We did go the pumpkin patch last Friday and had such a great time. I will write more about that later, but Hayden picked out his pumpkin in the first 2 minutes we were there.
4. New table!! Another update for you- we are finally getting a new table for our dining room and it's being delivered today. Sooo excited!! Also... we basically got it for free ;)  It's this table from West Elm: 

5. I'm late on my usual October 1st Halloween decorating (I blame the construction site for the last 3 weeks...) but we're throwing a party this weekend so I'm planning of doing some decorating with H today! I'm pretty sure this is the last year I can do anything spooky around the house for a little while (since I don't want to scare Hayden!) so I've got to live it up! 
Halloween 2011

Happy Friday, guys! Hope it's a great weekend!

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big house updates around here

Things have been quite busy for the last couple weeks around here. We had the majority of the siding replaced on our house + all new windows. Our house has felt like a construction zone for the last 2.5 weeks, 6 days a week from 7:00 am to 4:30 pm. But, the job was finally finished today at noon and we were able to go into the backyard and play for the first time! 
A little back story: All the houses in our neighborhood (built by the same builder in 1985) had bad siding. Instead of replacing the siding when the mistake was discovered... the builder put new siding over the top of the old bad stuff. Which didn't work well. Slowly over the last few years, people have been biting the bullet and replacing their siding the right way. When we bought our house in 2012, the siding issue was a known problem that would need to be fixed sooner, rather than later. It's one of those costly home improvement projects that is necessary but not fun. While all the siding was ripped off our house, we decided to upgrade our windows from builder grade metal ones to nicer vinyl ones that were more energy efficient. 
Once the windows were in, we were given the okay to hire a painter to finally paint the inside of our house! I called the painter yesterday to see what the timeline would be and what do you know, they can come tomorrow to start the painting?! So, the construction zone continues... But this update I'm very excited about. As soon as I heard that we would be starting painting ASAP, Hayden and I took a trip to Home Depot to pick up some samples.  
I knew that I wanted the color to be greyish- beige, that didn't lean to close to brown. I wanted the color to be neutral enough that it lightens up our house and makes everything look fresh. So I picked up 8 samples of very similar colors and did a bunch of test spots on various walls. We decided to paint the entire house the same color because we have an open floor plan. It would be hard to stop one color and start another without any definite rooms in the main living area. 
 Spoiler alert: I chose the top middle color. Nick chose the bottom right. He didn't really care to fight to hard for his case so I won... They basically look like the same color except mine leans a little more to gray and his to beige.  
Anyway, I'm super excited to finally have a light, bright house and I promise, I'll take lots of pictures of the end results!


apple picking

This past weekend, we took Mr. H apple picking, as is the appropriate thing to do on a Fall Weekend. I over-dressed us in fall clothes (given the 80+ degree weather) but we had a great time, nonetheless. We took a scenic drive about an hour and half up the coast and went to an Organic apple farm that specialized not only in apples, but pears, pumpkins, sunflowers currently. We picked 10 pounds of apple (I have high aspirations for applesauce, apple pie, caramel apples and the like). Nick or I would actually pick the apple off the tree and hand it to Hayden to put into the bin. He's super into sorting items and moving things from one space to another, so this was the perfect job for him. Such a fun Fall activity and we're looking forward to the next one on our agenda- the pumpkin patch! 
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