Blingy White Christmas Tree

In the spirit of decorating for the holidays, and having a little more time on my hands this past week (Thank you, Thanksgiving Break!), I decided to make a little faux tree for our home. Since our real tree's ETA is still a week away (sigh...), this little one should suffice for now...  As you may know, feather trees and scalloped trees are quite popular right now. Here are a couple that I really like:
This one is from Anthropologie priced at $18.
These are from West Elm, priced from $31 - $63.

Not wanting to spend much for my own little tree, I was excited when I found this project, posted on Nuestra Vida Dulce. Instead of using feathers, Joi used ribbon to create her trees. I picked up 2 spools of ribbon for $3 and a cardboard cone for $2.50 from Michaels.

I cut up my ribbon into 2 inch pieces.  I snipped the bottom of each piece with an asymmetrical zig-zag pattern.
Then I fired up the old glue gun and set to work assembling my tree. I started at the bottom and worked my way around the base before moving up the tree.
I overlapped my pieces, just a tad, so that the cardboard tree didn't show through. Working my way up the tree, I added some pieces of gold ribbon, here and there, to give it a little more bling bling than a monochromatic tree.
When I reached the top, I went back and filled any patchy-looking spots with more ribbon.
Ta-da! It was a pretty simple project and for $5.50 (and an hour of time), I'm the proud owner of a nice little feather-esque tree.

(If you are going to try this project at home, I recommend buying at least 7 yards of ribbon to adequately cover your tree.)

So, anyone else being crafty crafty for Christmas?? Do tell!


  1. I love this too! I made the coasters for the girls at work and they are adorable! Such a great idea--I'm totally following every craft you do!

  2. i agree! i am thinking about making the coasters too. keep showing us your crafts!

  3. Thanks you guys! I'll definitely keep the crafts coming... Nick says we have enough Christmasy stuff in our house to keep blogging through December!


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