The Bad Guy

Today at school we had a lockdown drill. Since my students are kindergarteners, this was their first experience with a lockdown. I explained to them that when we have a lockdown, we close and lock all the windows and doors, and shut our blinds so that we are safe, in case there are any bad guys walking around our school. I assured my babies that this was a practice and there really wasn't any bad guy at school today. Despite my best efforts at explaining, as soon as the drill began, the kids watched me anxiously from their desks as I closed the blinds and locked the doors.  They kept talking about the bad guy walking around.

Well, our drill lasted all of 5 minutes. When we got the "all clear" from our principal, I lined up my class to take them to computers. Along the way, all my macho little boys (I teach all boys this year) could talk about was what they would do if they ran into the bad guy. "I'm going to beat him up!" "I'm going to tell him to get out of our school." "That monster better leave us alone!"

When we passed another teacher in the yard, one of my students tapped her on the leg and said, "Excuse me. We had to lock the windows and doors to keep the bad guy out of our classroom, but we're safe now."

Days like these, I really love my job.  My kids make me laugh everyday. They are so funny, without ever meaning to be. 


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