Life's a stage...

And, so are our windows apparently...
Let me back up. In a curtain-making phase, I took another trip to the fabric store this past weekend to make some more curtains, this time for our living room balcony doors. I didn't want anything too busy, nor did I want anything too boring so I settled on this pale blue fabric.
Thanks to some couponing, I got 6 yards of this fabric for $14!
Anyway, I proceeded to make 2 window panels, using the exact same methods I detailed here. This a picture of the space we were focusing on, pre-curtains. We wanted the curtains to add a little interest to the wall and to block the sunlight-glare on the TV during especially bright mornings. 
We decided to use one curtain rod and two panels on either side of the doors, since the wall space between them is so narrow. I got the longest rod Target had to offer (120 inches), since the space measured 113 from  door to door. 
Looking good so far. Then Nick and I added the curtains.... The first thing I thought of was a stage. I think it's the extra-long rod and the curtains framing the doors, but I couldn't get the image of a stage out of my mind. Nick doesn't agree with me at all and he likes the curtains, and the glare-protection they offer our TV... I'm not sure I'm convinced yet...
What do you think? Does it remind you of a stage as well? Or, do you think I'm crazy, and they really just look like curtains?


  1. My eyes want there to be panels in the middle, too.

  2. that's what i thought....

  3. *de-lurking* :)
    I think the problem is the long rod. Maybe if you replaced it with two smaller rods(one above each window) it would help it feel less like a "stage" and you wouldn't feel like there should be two panels in the middle.

  4. I think you're right! Now I just have to convince Nick that it's a good idea to take down this curtain rod and hang 2 in its place :)


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