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Now that we are semi-moved into our new place (still unpacking, but for all intents and purposes, we're moved in), it's time to start thinking about my favorite thing... decorating! I have some new ideas for the new place. I don't want this apartment to be a total copycat of our old apartment. We are keeping the things we love and taking the time to get rid of things we don't care as much about. (My very full car of Goodwill donations and several craigslist listings are proof of our paring down.)
Anyway, I've been collecting inspiration from different sources for the rooms in our home. Since our entry hall is fairly spacious, I'm hoping to incorporate a round table such as this one in front of our stairs (minus the giant tree):
[image via houseandhome.com]
Maybe we could paint the built-in in our dining nook a fun color such as this one in Amanda Peet's home.
[image via blog.highfashionhome.com]
As for the little office nook, Nick and I talked about it being a place for me to do my art work and crafty things. I really like this look from Pottery Barn:
[image via Pottery Barn]
In our bedroom, we upgraded to a queen bed (thanks Mom and Dad!) and I'm still really liking these ideas:
[See this this post for more information]
Also, Nick got me my beloved blue duvet from West Elm (pictured above in numero uno), so we're a quarter of the way there!

Finally, my father-in-law already has some ideas up his sleeve to convert our tower room into a functional home office. We are planning to have a bed up there so the space can also act as a guest room. However, the narrow stairs made it impossible to get a box spring up there. So, we will have to do some kind of platform bed. I love this one:
[image via The Lettered Cottage, project by Ashley Ann of Under the Sycamore]

So those are some of my ideas for the new place. Of course there's still unpacking and settling in to do, but I'm very excited about all the possibilities!

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