I Love Lamp

I have a thing for lamps, kind of like Brick from Anchorman. No, really I think my affinity for lamps was born out of necessity. In our old apartment, we didn't have a whole lot of overhead lighting, making lamps a must for most of the rooms. So I'm always on the hunt for good lamps. Back around Thanksgiving, while perusing Goodwill, I found this little lamp and was immediately drawn to its shape.
Since it was only $9, I snatched this treasure up, even though I wasn't quite sure where I would put it. Of course this lamp badly needed a makeover, so on my way home from Goodwill, I stopped by ACE Hardware and picked up a can of  light blue spray paint.
I used a wet wipe to clean the dust and grime off of the lamp before painting, to ensure that the spray paint adhered properly and that the paint didn't have any bumpy specks. 
Next, I taped off the socket with some Frog Tape, to make sure it stayed clean and problem-free.
Then I applied two light coats of spray paint, about an hour apart. Light coats help to ensure minimal dripping and give the finished product a smooth glossy look. 
  I let the lamp dry for 24 hours. And then.... it sat in the Room of Requirement for over a month. Sigh. With Christmas decorations and moving, this poor little guy never made it into our apartment. However, when we moved into the new place last weekend, it was this lamp's time to shine. (Corny puns?! I'm starting to sound like my father-in-law...) 
This new lamp made its way onto my bedside table.  The blue goes nicely with the blue-green accents in the room and contributes to the calming atmosphere we have going on.
Of course this lamp definitely needs a new shade. The one that it came with is a little dated and not quite the right size, but with no time for a Target run this week, it will have to do for now. 
Isn't it amazing how a little bit of spray paint and an hour of work can totally change something? (That's probably what graffiti artists say to themselves too...)


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