Holla at the Entry Hall

Today's post is all about how we gave our long boring entry hall some style and pizzaz for next to nothing... So hold on to you seats!
Here's the move-in picture we started with:
Last weekend, we added this round table to the larger foyer:
But we still had to jazz up the narrow hallway leading up to the foyer. The first pieces we added were the bench and coat hook that had also resided in our old entryway.
On the other side of the hallway, we knew we wanted to add some interest, without adding anymore furniture, so as not to crowd the space. The first thing that went up was this little mirror.
The hall still needed a little something-something to finish off the look. Since we decided on a no-furniture-addition rule for this small space, I picked up a narrow floating shelf from Target to hang directly below the mirror. As luck would have it, this shelf was only $8 and was super easy to install. 
 It's sturdy enough to hold that little vase of flowers, and it gives a nice finished look to the entire hallway.
It's good to remember that you can use floating shelves and hooks in place of furniture when space is at a premium. So that's how we took our entryway from drab to fab. Holla! 


  1. it seriously looks great. is that little niche thing...i can't tell if it's separate and something hung or a cut out in the wall. either way, i love what you've done, and the character of your home!

  2. Daniel, that's one fine looking clock! Someone pretty stylish must have gotten it for us...

  3. @the cape on the corner: Thanks! Everything is just hung on the wall. We are definitely getting there in terms of decorating the home! Thanks for the support!


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