A Little Color Never Hurts...

While Nick was away enjoying the snow this past weekend, I was working on a little project known as our kitchen nook... While the nook is architecturally interesting, with its wide archway and built-in shelving, the space felt a little blah and devoid of color. Enter Jessica. As you may know my favorite colors happen to be pink and turquoise (I may have mentioned this once or twice...), but for the most part I kept these two colors separated, turquoise in one room, pink in another. Forever inspired by this site, I was emboldened to use these two colors together; in the same room.
So, I set to work this weekend, finding fabric to make curtains, painting our built-in and figuring out how to best infuse these two colors into this small space.  For all you worried that Nick didn't have a voice in the process, I can assure you he (excitedly) vetoed and approved fabric choices via picture message from afar.
Here's a before and after of the room, as it stands right now, at about 85% completion. I realize that at this moment, turquoise is the dominant color at play but I have a few more tricks up my sleeve to bring out the pink. (My mom is sweetly sewing a couple of pink pillows for our white chairs and I'm on the hunt for some pink-ish art to make or buy to take the place of that canvas.)
What do you think? I'll be back tomorrow to share some of the steps along the way (including DIY curtains and some tricky painting).


  1. i dont know about that picture/fabric covered board?...

  2. Not to worry, dear sister- that's a place holder for whatever art we decide to put up there, more to see the size of what we want than anything else.


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