Perfect Circle

Last weekend, Nick and I made a little trip to good ole Home Goods, to peruse their table selection. You may remember this post, where I mentioned my long standing desire to have an entryway with a circular table. With a Home Goods gift card burning a hole in my pocket, we set off in search of the perfect round table.
We found it in no time at all, back in the clearance section. With no visible scratches or disfigurations and a great price, the choice was pretty easy. When we began our shopping excursion, I had pedestal tables on my mind, but Nick and both liked the interesting shape of this guy. The legs of this table are something I may not have gravitated toward originally, but each day I like them more and more. Plus, this design tends toward modern and fun, instead of uber-traditional (which is what entryway pedestal tables often suggest).
We are pleased with our purchase and are happy to report that no one (human or animal) has bumped into it, and it doesn't impede any walkways. All in all, it's a good fit for our home.
(Plus, perhaps it will be an obvious reminder to my dear hubby to keep buying me fresh flowers each week!)


  1. Super cute! Great find Jess :D

    But give widdle Henwy time ... he'll knock it over.

  2. He has already discovered that the flowers are quite fun to play with.


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