Mr. Napkin Head

Ummmm, have you ever seen The Holiday, and more importantly the Mr. Napkin Head scene?! Here's a clip, in case you haven't seen Mr. Handsome Jude Law make his Mr. Napkin Head debut.
What does that have to do with this post? Well, not a whole lot, except that I really like it, and I made some of my own napkins this weekend. Nick and I only use cloth napkins in our home so I'm always on the look out for cute napkins when shopping. 
I had some left over fabric from my curtain project and I decided to use it to make some extra cloth napkins.
The first thing I did was pull out one of my (store bought) napkins and measure it for size.
I cut around the napkin, leaving an extra half inch border for hemming. Then I used handy-dandy hem tape to iron a hem around the entire napkin. 
 Hemming all four sides took less than five minutes, and after 15 minutes of work, I had four new napkins to add to our collection.
Cloth napkins are a quick and easy project, plus they are a stylish way to be "green." They'd also make a great one-of-kind gift for cheap-cheap! 


  1. hmm making napkins out of curtain fabric? a little sound of music, don't you think?

  2. ummm, if i start sewing nick clothes out of left over fabric, then you know we have some problems!

  3. Hahahaha! Now that, I would love to see Jessica! I love this idea!


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