Love Letters

With Valentine's Day fast approaching, I thought I would share a love-ly art project that I made for our home. I saw something similar to this either in a magazine or online, and immediately fell in love (haha) with the idea...
This project was simple enough and best of all- free! I started by spelling out the word "love" in Word, using a different font for each letter. Then I enlarged each letter to anywhere between 500 - 750 pt. font, depending on the font size and style. I centered the letters, one per page and printed them out on plain old printer paper.
I selected four different frames from our massive collection, that weren't fulfilling any other purpose than collecting dust in our hall closet.
Next, I used a pencil (orange colored pencil was apparently the only thing I had on hand) and traced the outline of the frame glass around each letter.
Finally, I cut out each letter and framed them accordingly.
I thought about hanging them up on a wall, but in the end I decided that they looked best in an overlapping-causal arrangement. In this case, they are on top of our living room radiator.
Love it!

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