One down, one to go

As much as I LOVE our new apartment, there are definitely a few things on my "that-needs-to-go-asap" list. Numero uno on that list was the chicken nasty (that's the phrase Nick and I use for gross things) light fixture in our bedroom. (There's a twin in the upstairs bedroom.)
This cheap-o flush mount was definitely detracting from the pretty vibe in our new bedroom.
But not to worry friends, we always have a plan! We decided to use the IKEA chandelier that we hung in our old kitchen. Since the kitchen previously sported a similar chicken nasty fixture we just swapped the two. (I say that like it's an easy process, but Nick has some other thoughts about that 1920's wiring as he was up on the ladder for a hour...)
Unfortunately, we ran into a problem when Nick took down the old light fixture.
That's right, whoever painted our ceiling decided to just paint around the old fixture, leaving this discolored ring. Since our chandelier is only 5 inches wide at the top, the ring wound be very visible.
We had two options:
My idea: Try to match the paint and paint away the circle.
Nick's idea: Use a ceiling medallion.
Nick's idea won, mostly because he suggested we paint a medallion a turquoise-y blue to fit our color scheme. (And we all know I'm a sucker for turquoise...)
Since our circle was 15 inches across we had to get a large 21 inch medallion from Home Depot's limited selection.
Luckily, I still had spray paint leftover from my lamp project so I gave the medallion a fast coat of sky blue paint.
Since we had a 6:30 dinner date to keep with Nick's family, I gave the medallion a quick shampoo and blow dry.
Then Nick installed the whole fixture + medallion.
We snapped some pictures of the finished product:
The medallion plays off the other blues in the room nicely and adds a little pop of color in an unexpected way. 
 The chandelier fits in perfectly with the rest of the room and definitely beats the old fixture. The medallion was a bold choice but we both love it. What do you think??


  1. you know, I really love the gold finish on the old fixture...just kidding! haha i hate lights like that! The new one is WAY better! Very cute! Can't wait to start decorating our place and swap ideas!

  2. You're right! It was pretty classy- I promise when we take the next one down I'll save it just for you! Haha! I'm excited for you guys and your house too!

  3. Love this idea! And to add that color is so creative!


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