Kids Say the Darnedest Things...

As a Kindergarten teacher, I'm privy to the world of 5-year-old language. All kids say silly things and my class is no exception. I wanted to share a couple of my favorite from the past week or so, to brighten up this dreary Friday.

As a special education teacher, I have to formally evaluate my students, using standardized tests. In response to the logical reasoning question, "Why would you put your money in the bank?" my student answered, "Because you don't have any pockets."

I overheard a conversation between several of my boys when one of them was trying to be bossy. "You're not the boss. Mrs. Reisfelt is the boss.... of the universe."

When one of my students left the class to go mainstream in a gen. ed class for an hour, another student pats him on the back and says, "M. you be good. You get a spiderman sticker from Ms. N, okay?"

We had a tent in our classroom a few weeks ago for our camping unit and to control noise levels in the tent,  I told my students to use "whisper voices" while playing because I didn't want them to wake up the bears. Now (even though the tent is long gone), each time I tell my students to lower their voices, I have one student who immediately follows up with a stage whisper, "Shhh...The bears are sleeping."

With our abundance of rainy weather, "Mrs. Reisfelt, it so rainy. I slippering in my Sketchers."

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  1. Congrats on the promotion! 5ft and already ruler of the cosmos!

    -Fr.Bob (the first part)
    -Matt (the Sarcastic second part)


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