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Fresh flowers can get expensive if you buy them every week, but paper flowers are a cheap, long-lasting way to create the same effect in your home. With Valentine's Day fast approaching (11 days, peeps!!) I decided to make some fun paper flowers for the house. I followed Ms. Martha's tutorial, designed to create pom-poms. This project cost me $4, which is less than the price of one bouquet of store-bought flowers and much longer lasting.
To make the flowers, you need:

  • Tissue paper
  • Floral wire
  • Scissors

The first thing I did was cut out 6-to-8 inch squares of tissue paper. I layered between 8 and 10 squares of paper, depending on the fluffiness of the flowers.
I accordian-folded the tissue paper and then twisted my floral wire around the middle of the paper. 
Then I rounded off each end with my scissors. 
Then I pulled out the ends, like a Minnie Mouse bow.
Next, I carefully pulled out each layer, twisting it as I separated it from the stack.
I trimmed the extra floral wire to the length that I wanted and tada- finished dahlia-like flowers!
These flowers are kind of time consuming to make, but look so pretty when finished.
I used my flowers in two different displays in our home. The first was this large vase on our hallway table. I just twisted the extra wire around the faux branches. 
The other arrangement sits on my coffee table in a square white vase.
This is a cheap way for you to add a healthy dose of pink to you home, just in time for Valentine's (which my husband allllways appreciates!) 

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  1. Love these! I think I will make some for my son's teacher. Oh, and some for me. :)

  2. I just made these kinds of flowers with Moriah the other day :-)

  3. wow! so very cute! send some down to slo for me please :)

  4. Beautiful! They look like fresh carnations!

  5. Thanks, Mia! You should definitely make some for your son's teacher! As a teacher, I would loooove to get these as a gift!

  6. Aren't they fun to make?!

  7. Ahh Emily, unfortunately I don't know how well these tissue paper flowers would travel...Come visit me and I'll make you a nice big bouquet!

  8. Thanks! They are so easy to make too!

  9. how adorable and what a great idea! cant wait to try this!

  10. very cute and looks very do-able! thanks for sharing!


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