Find of the Weekend!

While Nick and I were out running errands on Saturday, I persuaded him to drop me off at my favorite store Anthropologie, while he did his man-errands. Luckily, my sweet husband was obliging and I was able to peruse the store at a leisurely pace.
In the sale section I came across a very exciting deal. They had several shower curtains sitting in a stack, all marked down to $69.95- except for one. One little shower curtain was marked down to $29.95. That's Target prices, people! Oh, and it was originally $118. With nothing visibly wrong (other than it was not packaged like the rest), I decide to get it.
I wasn't actually looking for a shower curtain, but the color and design were much more fitting for the bathroom than our original one. The curtain we currently were using was a Simply Shabby Chic curtain from Target, with subtle blues, greens, and pinks on a white background. However, with the busy tile of our  bathroom, the old shower curtain was reading more white than anything else. 
 We love the new look in the bathroom. It works better with the yellowy, vintage tile, instead of competing against it.

It looks nice with our shabby chic curtain rings too:
So pretty! I love finding ah-mazing deals at my favorite store! 

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