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This weekend we had **gorgeous** weather. I'm talking mid seventies, bright, sunshiny days. As in shorts and flippies, and sitting outside on the balcony enjoying the mild weather late at night... Now that I made you guys in the rest of the country jealous, I should say that this weather is somewhat atypical, even for California. We usually have damp gray winters with lots of rainy days. So this weather has been a treat for us.
On Sunday morning, we met our good friends John and Christian (of The Courtney Chronicles!) at the Alameda Flea Market (more formally known as the Alameda Point Antiques Faire) for a morning of thrifting and treasure hunting at this huge market. The good weather brought in troves of people, which didn't bother us, as we spent several hours enjoying the hundreds of booths and the wide variety of goods on display.
The Alameda Flea Market is legit, with tons of great booths selling genuine antiques and lots of furniture.
This Farmhouse Table is a Pottery Barn look-alike for about half the price.
This industrial-looking coffee table caught my eye. Of course, I have a coffee table, but it's still fun to look right?
I love, love, love this table (on the right) and envision a cross between this guy and a traditional farmhouse table for the desk in our tower room. My father-in-law has great plans to make my desk-dream a reality. 
There were lots of French-Country and pretty Shabby Chic-inspired displays to see. 
Some giant chairs, that make even John Courtney look like a shorty! 
Antique film lights from Hollywood cropped up at various booths.

So many of the vendors took time to create pretty displays that made the whole experience feel somewhat like an open-air stroll through Anthropologie and Pottery Barn. 
Of course an old record player caught my hubby's eye. 
We didn't end up buying very much, although the things we did spend money on were happy finds!
Nick spotted this vintage street sign for "El Mirador," which is the name of our beloved apartment building. Of course we snatched that one right up!
For some reason I love this black-and-white print of a circus elephant. You probably think I'm crazy, but I'm envisioning it in a hot pink frame...
Lastly, I found this rustic wooden Coca-cola box that is in a great condition and reminds me of the rustic box that Bob and Nick made for my Christmas display.
 Although Nick and I were hoping to find some moderately priced furniture, nothing in our price range jumped out at us, so we left with just these few items.
John and Christian had more luck finding some bigger ticket items, including a very cool pallet that they have plans to make into a coffee table. I can't wait to see the finished product!
To anyone in the Bay Area, I definitely recommend the Alameda Flea Market. It's a great way to spend a nice morning and you never know what you will find...

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  1. Farmhouse table looks MASSIVE! I would love to use that as a dining table!


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