It's a Love Thing

I love Valentine's Day! I love it at school, I love it at home- I just plain love it! Any holiday whose primary color is pink is a holiday for me! I know many people dislike the commercialization of V-Day and the pressure that it puts on certain people, but I like to think of it as a day to celebrate love and kindness. It comes at the perfect time of year, in the middle of gloomy winter...*pop*; out comes this bright pink day to liven up your spirits!
I'm going to show you some of my Valentine's Decor for this year. Now, I don't go crazy decorating my home, like at Christmas. However, any excuse to add some more pink (albeit temporarily) to the home, and I'm there! I try to stay away from tacky V-day decorations (no shiny red cardboard hearts for me, no sir), and go the homemade route... Here's what I came up with for this year:
  1.  Make a homemade display of L-O-V-E, using old frames, like I did in this project.
  2. Fresh flowers (especially in pink hues) are a simple way to decorate for V-Day.
  3. Buying your favorite Valentine's candy is sure to put you in a great mood (mine happens to be Sweetarts Hearts)
  4. Filling an apothecary jar with pink candy, like these M&Ms, creates a simple and sweet centerpiece.
  5.  Paper flower arrangements are a low-cost, pretty alternative to the real thing. Click here for more details.
  6. Twist them around branches for a pretty, almost spring-like arrangement. 
  7. A homemade calendar, such as the one my mom made for us, celebrates this lovely month.
  8. A garland of hearts, cut out of different pink decorative paper is another low cost decorating idea.
  9. Hang garland in a nook or along a banister. 
  10. Hanging pictures of beautiful couples (in this case our parents) is a great reminder of this lovely holiday.
  11. A homemade heart wreath is a way to add a little Valentine's Day Festivity to your front door.  
What are your thoughts on Valentine's Day? Love it? Hate it? 

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  1. I LOVE that apothecary jar!!!! That's hard to find here in Manila! Oh and your pics are beautiful! Magazine quality.

  2. Thanks! Nick got me a new camera last fall so I've slowly (and with many mistakes!) been learning the art of photography, but your comment is so kind!


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