Chapter 2: the cat stole my groceries

Perhaps you have heard of the book I'm considering writing? Well, this weekend, Mr. H gave me some new material to write about.
After a long, exhaustive trip to the laundromat Nick and I came home to our babies. As I walked into the dark house, my foot made contact with something that slid across the floor. I switched on the light and realized that the body wash I had just purchase from Target was lying in the middle of the floor. Odd... since I had left the grocery bag on our front bench. Come to think of it... the bag was no where in sight.
So commenced a hunt for the grocery bag. Luckily, the pirate was kind enough to leave a trail of strewn Target items to lead the way.
Success! Look what we found sticking out from under the bed:
Nick poked his head under the bed and found the last and most appetizing purchase:
Pirate Henry had taken our entire bag of groceries (including the 10 lb. bag of cat food) in order to enjoy a little snack. I know, I know, we shouldn't have left the cat food sitting out. Don't judge- we're novice cat owners. Luckily, Henry has some self-control and didn't eat the entire bag.
Or maybe not. 

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