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Well peeps, Nick and I certainly had a busy (and holiday-filled) weekend! We finally got our Christmas tree. The threat of impending rain was looming over us, but on our way home from running errands at 10 am on Saturday, the rain was holding and we made a quick decision to head straight to the Christmas tree lot. Our Christmas tree lot is quite convenient; it's just down the street from us, right by our local farmer's market. Nick said we probably could have walked our tree home (since it's literally a 5 minute walk) but we might have been a little awkward hiking uphill with our 7 ft tree... So we drove.
Anyway, once hubby and I get the tree in the apartment (which is feat, since we must take "Creepy, Narrow Back Staircase" as to not get pine needles all over the building), we realize our new Mr. Christmas Tree is extremely full and we also have more furniture in our living room than last year. Basically, if you are sitting in one of our leather chairs, you will be getting up close and personal with our tree, and might possibly end up with sap in your hair...This realization results in a 30 minute furniture/tree rearranging, in which animals got underfoot, we found pairs of shoes that had disappeared under the couch for months, and I couldn't stop laughing the entire time because the whole experience was really very comical. I made you a little illustration so you can experience the fun right along with the Reisfelts...
Anyway, want to see the end result??
Looks pretty similar to our beginning picture doesn't it? Well you're right, it is. The only thing that ended up actually changing was that we moved the couch back about 3 feet, allowing us to pull the chair away from the tree.  I know, big changes. But what fun would Christmas be without moving your heavy leather chair back and forth across the room 10 times?? Ask Nick, it's a Christmas tradition!

Now getting our tree wasn't our only adventure this weekend... Nick and I also decorated the lobby for Christmas. (People were starting to make little comments about our pumpkins still being out...) Also, Nick lit up 4 trees along the front of the building with Christmas lights, which looks so beautiful when driving up the street. I don't have pictures of either of these yet, but I will soon, I promise!

We also decided to take attempt to take a Christmas card photo with our fabulous new camera. (We bought a Canon Powershot G12 a couple months ago- it's my first grown-up camera and I love it!!) Anyway, this was another comical situation, resulting in more hysterical laughter on my part.
(Awkward hand placement by me, and stare-off between the animals makes this a no)
(Super-off center and Nick barely made it in the picture...)
(Previous said hysterical laughter ensuing and animals are quite done with the whole process)
So, the moral of the story? You'll probably just be getting a Christmas card sans picture from us this year. Ah well, there's always next year...
After this disastrous attempt, Nick and I headed to The City (San Francisco) for our yearly tradition of Christmas window shopping. (We started this tradition 5 years ago when Nick took me ice skating and to see Phantom of the Opera as a Christmas gift while we were still dating). So off we went to join the hoards of people also Christmas shopping and enjoying the city lights. 
We love the energy and Christmasy-ness of the city at this time of year. We pretty much stayed around Union Square, where we marveled at the giant Christmas tree, and did lots of window shopping. 

Among other stores, we stopped in Anthropologie (where I just want to live someday, as I've told my hubby on many occasions). I saw a few to-do projects to add to Nick's list... Not sure what to do with those old radiators in The Room of Requirement? How about turning them into a chair? (Nick said he would make mine heated, since I'm alway freezing...)
All joking aside, we both really loved this cabinet made with an actual door:
$2,500 for this? Darn, if it had been $2,400, it would have definitely gone home on the BART train with us! Oh well, I guess we'll just have to make one ourselves...

We ate dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. Not my favorite, but we had a gift card burning a hole in our pocket, and we're nothing if not thrifty (and awkward- but that's a different story). This particular Cheesecake Factory is pretty cool though, because it's on the 8th floor of Macy's so it has some sweet views. I charitably let Hubby face the window- tis the season of season of giving. 

Now, that was just Saturday! Our Sunday was filled with holiday baking, church, my grandpa's 84th birthday party, and Hanukkah with Nick's grandparents. Fun times! To make a long story even longer... No, I'm kidding- I'm done. Happy Monday! 

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  1. I definitely like the one with the animal stare-off!!!


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