A Stand-Up Kind of Guy

Happy Birthday to a really great guy.
Sometimes we like to joke that my dad is the "silent observer" in our family, but that's just because he's not as chatty as the rest of us. In reality, my dad is anything but an observer in the Kent family. He does so much for the family, often without us even realizing it. 

Dad fixes cars (he's particularly adept at working on 1995 Honda Accords), bikes, appliances, pools, and anything and everything that could possibly be wrong with a house. He is also a talented builder. While we lived in Kentucky, he remodeled my parents' kitchen, completely finished our basement including two bedrooms and a bathroom, and built all the furniture in my brother's room, among other things. My cousin likes to recall how my dad finished building our deck in 2 hours before my high school graduation party! His talents are nothing short of amazing.

In addition to being Jim-the-toolman-Kent, my dad is always the one to call in a crisis. My brother, sister, and I can attest to my dad keeping his cool as he received multiple calls throughout high school and college that started with, "Dad, I had a little accident..." (Don't worry- we're all much better drivers now!)

Maybe the most amazing thing about my father is the way he loves and cares for my mom and our family. He is always looking out for all of us and he sacrifices so much to give each of us the lives he thinks we deserve. 

Happy Birthday Dad! Love you!

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