Warning: Sappy Christmas Tree Musings

Even though Nick and I picked up our Christmas tree last weekend, it's been sitting lights-only in our home until last night, when we finally had time to decorate it. Christmas Tree Decoration Night is very important in our home. We play Christmas music, and pull out each ornament, reminiscing about its origin and the special memories behind it.
As themed as the rest of our house is, it may surprise you to know that our Christmas tree has no theme. Both of us grew up in houses where Christmas trees contained a mish-mash of ornaments, each one telling its own story. It sounds corny, but when we got married we agreed to make our Christmas trees the same homey trees we both remember from our childhoods. So, no department-store look-alikes for us, just our chunky little tree filled with a hodge-podge of ornaments.
Our parents both have the tradition of giving each child an ornament every year. Some of the ornaments are monogramed and others are bought with our personalities in mind (such as this turquoise-y tree I got several years ago). The tiger is Ms. Lucy's, because sometimes she thinks she's a bengal tiger.

My mom gave us these gingerbread ornaments the year we got engaged. Quite the likeness, huh?
We also both have our first Christmas ornaments on the tree.
Our favorite ones to hang up are these little wreaths that we made in Kindergarten. We were in the same Kindergarten class (unbeknownst to us when we met 8 years ago). Nick's dad, Bob, happened to be volunteering in the classroom the day we made these, so he helped assemble both of these. Who knew 20 years later that Chunky Cheeks and Skinny Boy would get to hang (out) next to each other on the Christmas tree?! That's one we're telling the future children, for sure!
You'll notice our tree isn't filled to the brim with ornaments. We want to leave space for the ornaments we acquire over the years and build a Christmas tree full of memories with our future children, just like we had growing up. It may not be a designer looking tree, but we love it!

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