Umm... We're kinda a mess.

Who said moving was fun? Probably no one, because it's definitely not.... Especially when you have lots of stuff (as we do).
These are every picture/frame/mirror we had hanging on our walls (maybe we have too many pictures?!). We cleaned our apartment on Saturday, took some glamour shots for the Craigslist listing, had two showing of it, and then started packing up. We are now living among the mess as we wait for the go-ahead to start moving our stuff upstairs.
It's amazing how quickly things came down and were packed up. Here's our kitchen's glamour shot and then it almost all packed up, 4 hours later.
And here's our entry hall shot:
Traaaa-shy! No, I'm just kidding. Nick keeps reminding me that this mess is a means to an end, and we have to keep our eye on the prize... However, I can't help but feel a little sad as we pack up our very first home together.
In addition to the mess of packing, we have been dealing with another small issue. I woke up Sunday morning to a long, thick trail of ants coming through a crack in the plaster, in our dining room. It was really strange because in our 2.5 years here, we've never had even 1 little ant in our apartment. Nick spent most of the morning  battling them and we (cockily) thought we had won the war when we left for a party at 3:00 pm.  Oh no, we were sadly mistaken. We came back at night to discover they had infiltrated the kitchen, necessitating an 8 pm run to Target for ant spray, bleach, and more cleaning supplies. (sigh) My husband said, "At least we get to have some more quality time to spend together." [killing 10 million ants and deep cleaning our kitchen until 10 at night]. Way to be positive, honey! 

So between ants, boxes, pictures, and packing, we're going a little crazy...

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