Shabby Chic Christmas Wreath

As you know, I love a good art project! Today, I'm going to show you how I made some wreaths to fit in with my "rustic-glam" Christmas theme... We had a couple of embellished fake greenery wreathes left over from my parents' party last year, but I wasn't loving them so I decided to create my own wreaths that were a little less traditional and a little more in line with the rest of the decor in our home. So without further ado, my rustic-glam Christmas wreathes:

Alright, here's the details of how I made these pretties. We actually had 2 cheap grapevine wreathes from Michael's laying around.

To make them a bit more shabby-chic, I gave each of them a light coat of white high-gloss spray paint. (Have I ever mentioned my love of spray paint?!) I didn't worry about completely covering them, because I like the fact that the natural color still peaks through the white.

Next, I went to Michael's and got my supplies. I  bought:
shiny gold ribbon,
a huge white flower,
this pack of pendants from the jewelry section,
and some feathers (because they just say shabby-chic to me!)
(Side-note about the feathers: I found a similar type on long wires in the actual floral arrangement section  that were $5.99 for a few feathers. Then, I went to the kid's section and found this whole pack of feathers for $2.49...I always check the kid's section at Michael's - mostly for classroom supplies, but they sometimes have the same products for way cheaper!)
After I assembled my purchases, I searched around my home for a few more items that would fit the bill. I came up with more silver and gold ornaments, some snowflakes, and a random white bird. Then, I got out the glue gun and set to work styling my wreathes.
I placed everything on the wreath and arranged in the way I wanted before gluing anything down, that way I could play around to find the best possible arrangement. When you're going for the rustic glam/ shabby chic look, less is definitely more. I made small arrangements of items in a few places around the wreath, rather than covering the entire wreath with decorations. I also handmade a little gift tag that said "Merry Christmas" on some craft paper and tied it to the bottom of the wreath with a bit of twine. Lastly, I wrapped my sparkly gold ribbon loosely around the entire wreath.

The result is a pretty, shabby-chic look that complements our home's decor!

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