That's a wrap!

Alright peeps, this Christmas season I showed you some of my ideas for easy holiday gifts, like cookies, art, trays, and coasters. Today I'm going to show you how I wrapped that massive amount of gifts.
I decided to go with a simple brown paper wrapping. Instead of buying a bunch of different types of wrapping paper, I bought one roll of Scotch brand brown wrapping paper. (You know, the kind used for shipping.)

Then I got out some white paint and a few sprigs of our Christmas tree:
I made one or two prints on each of the wrapped gifts. (I think I originally saw this done in BHG on blue paper.) I used paper towel to "smoosh" down the sprig of tree because I can flatten the whole thing down without getting messy fingers- like these...

Some of the prints turned out a little ink-blotish, but you get the idea. Fun and simple!
After the paper dried, I set out to tie bows on all the presents. I used a basic ribbon in a Tiffany Blue. 

I found these little holiday berry decorations at Michaels for 70% off (making them only 30 cents a piece!)
I pulled 3 to 6 berries our of each arrangement and twisted them together, like so:

Then I wrapped the berries around each bow:
I finished everything off with simple homemade gift tags.
So that's our fun, kind-of-classy gift wrap for the year. (And, it only took me 2 Glee episodes to finish all my wrapping!)

Merry Christmas everyone! We hope you all have a joyful and peaceful Christmas. (Keep your fingers crossed...hopefully by the time we post again, we'll be moved in to our new apartment and on vacation!)
Nick, Jessica, Lucy, and Henry

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