I'm Dreaming of a Turquoise Christmas...

Well, we live in California, so no one was expecting a white christmas. We got a traditional Northern California rainy winter day. However, when you are inside enjoying time with family, rainy Christmas days can feel especially cozy.

Nick and I had a very happy Christmas, and Santa was oh-so-good to us. I'm just going to highlight the home-related gifts that we received this year...

I have to say, someone (my mom, hubby, and mother-in-law) must be reading this blog because I received an awful lot of turquoise-colored loveliness. Thanks, you guys! My mother-in-law, Susie picked out some fun kitchen accessories from Ms. Martha herself, all in a beautiful shade of turquoise. These new accessories will work perfectly in my pinky pink kitchen! (Which I'm still waiting to move into, but that's a different story....)
I also got a fabulous Vera Bradley bulletin board from my in laws. I really like the darker turquoise accents that will work perfectly with the green color scheme we have going on in our office.
Mr. Nicholas did such a good job remembering the West Elm duvet I had my eye on, since it was under the tree Christmas morning! I love, love, love it! It's the perfect shade of pale blue.

My mom, who is ever so crafty, made me a beautiful pillow! I love it so much and can't decide which room of our new apartment gets the honor of enjoying it. One of my favorite gifts this year is a beautiful framed calendar (also made by Mom!). She printed, decorated, and framed this beautiful calendar page for us. Each month we will receive a new very personalized calendar page. What a great idea!

Santa must have decided we were in the business of DIY or something... We also received a couple Home Depot gift cards, a Black and Decker Mouse Hand Sander (which Nick called "a moose" when we opened it), and a table saw from my father. Wohoo for home projects and decorating!

So how was your Christmas? What kinds of fun presents did you get? Anyone else receive a slew of themed-gifts?? Do tell!

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