Christmas by the Bay

Let me start off by saying I actually can't stand that song! It comes on about every fifth song on our Christmas music station out here. (Probably because we are by the Bay- ohh clever!) Nonetheless, I always flip the station quickly when this song comes on, although it is a fitting title for this post...
As an early Christmas present, my parents gave us tickets to see the Goo Goo Dolls in San Francisco, on Friday night. We were able to head into the City early in the evening to grab some dinner at the Ferry Building. We were actually in a different part of the city than last weekend's trip to Union Square. This time we started off at The Embarcadero and headed up, up, up California Street to Nob Hill. 
The Ferry Building

Here's our view about halfway up California. (Trust me, we most definitely worked off the burgers and fries we ate for dinner with our little hike!)

One thing I really love about San Francisco at Christmas time is all the giant Christmas trees. Nearly every bank, business, hotel, and park seems to have their own version. All of them are oh-so-pretty. 
On our way up to Nob Hill, Nick got to see his favorite building in San Francisco, 580 California. It's a little hard to see at night but there are 12 hooded statues (3 on each side) at the very top of the building, called The Corporate Goddesses. (It is the financial district...) Interesting architecture, no?

When we finally made it up the hill to the Masonic Center, where the concert was held, we stopped in a little neighborhood park. 

The concert was really fun! The Masonic is a small venue, so we were close to the stage and the band played well. The only downside was a crazy-drunk-middle-aged-sequined-mini-dress-wearing fan who repeatedly hit me in the head with her over-zealous far-reaching spirit fingers, as she screamed wildly how much she loved the lead singer. Other than that, it was all good. We took a little video so you can enjoy a short clip of the concert, right along with us!

Peace out! Hope you all have "better days!" 

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