Empathy from a Five Year Old (or two)

{image via: pinkkryptonite.com}

As you know, I teach Kindergarten students with significant speech and language delays.  Today, we were outside for our afternoon recess and one of my students, J, who does not really speak English, starts crying. He points at his knee and at the play structure and says "bup." (Translation: He bumped his knee as he was climbing up the play structure.) I sat down with him and rubbed his back while he calmed down. Along came two of my other students, Spiderman and Superman (their preferred names, especially on the playground). 
They demanded, "J, why are you crying? Who hit you, J??" He pointed to the play structure and Spiderman runs over and shakes his fist at the play structure and says (in a deep growly voice), "You bad play structure! You hurt J! We do not hit friends in Kindergarten." 
Superman gives J and big hug and then the three of them hold hands and go off to play. 

Spiderman and Superman save the day- all is right in the world once again. 

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