The Reisfelts are Moving Up in the World!

Let me rephrase that. We are moving up and over in the world. That's right, we are leaving our beautiful apartment after 2 and a half years... but don't despair, friends- we're on to bigger and better things! Yesterday we left you a little teaser, and today I'm back with all the details.

We've been talking about the possibility of moving into something bigger on and off again, as we may be outgrowing our 1-bedroom apartment in the next couple years. None of the apartment buildings we perused via Craigslist held a candle to our own, in terms of charm and character.  Additionally, in the lovely (read: overpriced) Bay Area, we would need at least $500K to buy a starter home, so apartment living is definitely in the cards for the foreseeable future.  So, although we weren't actively looking to move, it's always in the back of our mind and we like to keep our eyes out for anything we could love like our current home.

A few weeks ago, our neighbors (and renters of of one of the very few 2-bedroom units in our building) told us they would be moving at the end of the month. Thanks to some savvy negotiation on the part of my smarty-pants husband, we were able to get the apartment for a very reasonable price! So... starting January we will be the proud new renters of a two bedroom unit.

Our new apartment includes a staircase up to an octagonal bedroom below the tower. Out of respect to the current residents, we're only going to show you outside pics for now.
Obviously, staying in the same building makes moving 1 million times easier. However, it will be a little bittersweet to leave our first home. We found this apartment a month before our wedding and have definitely put our heart and soul into making it a home ever since. Plus, although we will be gaining more space overall, we will be shifting spaces in some areas (i.e. bigger kitchen, smaller living room, etc).  Our new apartment is like the parent apartment to our current place. It's a little bigger and has a little more to offer us, but it has the same feeling as our current apartment...

So, that's our big exciting news! Now we only have 2 and a half weeks to pack and move up two flights of stairs. So, Bay Area friends and family... who is ready for some heavy lifting?! : )


  1. I'm so excited :D I can help you move ... small, non-heavy items ^.^

  2. I want to check it out when I come to visit! That's so exciting!


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