Taking a break from it all..

I have a little confession... this week I haven't been blogging from our disheveled, half-moved apartment. No, no I've actually been writing from Carmel, CA- land of expensive shops, amazing bungalows, delicious food and wine, and one-of-a-kind cars (which makes my hubby very happy). Carmel is a beautiful beach town, only an hour and a half south of the Bay Area. We come here every year at this time with Nick's extended family, as his grandparents generously house the ever-growing Reisfelt Clan. This year, as in several years past, we are staying in Pacific Grove, another beach town a couple miles north of Carmel.  The house is bursting at the seams with 16 adults and 5 children under the age of four. It's been a pleasant interruption from the not-so-glamourous ordeal of moving. 
Carmel has extra special memories for Nick and me. We got engaged here in Carmel three and a half years ago. We love the beach town and like to fantasize about someday having the money to buy a little cottage here (haha). Anyway, I thought I'd share some of the pictures of our vacation thus far (just to make you jealous- kidding!!).
Here are some pictures of the absolutely amazing houses down here. I seriously am in love with about 90% of the homes and could spend long hours walking around looking at them.
This year we had a very important event to celebrate with the family. Last night we celebrated the marriage of my sister-in-law Emily and her husband Matt with a belated reception.
And I couldn't be happier, getting so much face time with my favorite (only) niece, Miss Hayley.
All in all, a much needed break from moving! Anyone else enjoying a post-Christmas vacay??


  1. Oh, gorgeous! Those houses remind me of my dream house in San Clemente ... one day, it will be mine.

    Pretty cake! Glad you guys are having a good time! H and L say "pweez come home soon mommy" ;-P j/k they love hanging out with me!

  2. Aww! We miss them sooo much! At least we know they are in good hands and we'll see them in 2 short days. Give them lots of smooches for us!


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