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Part of the reason that I love being a teacher is the creativity that my job entails. I love designing little art projects for my students and allowing them to showcase their talents. It was only a matter of time before I figured out how to adapt art projects so that my little Hayden could do them too. Of course art for a 2 month old looks a little different than 5 year old art...

Here's what I did to prep this little project for Mr. H:
First I found a little canvas from my collection and I put it in a ziplock bag.
I then squirted a few different shades of blue acrylic paint into the bag and sealed it tight.
 Then we got to the fun part! I let Hayden sit in my lap and use his feet to kick and "stand" on the canvas to move the paint around. While he was busy "painting" I talked to him about how the paint felt (cold, squishy, soft, etc.). Hayden was all smiles while working on his project. When he got tired of kicking, I left him push some paint around with his hands too. (I set up the camera to record our little painting sesh, but I did not push the right button so I missed capturing any of it on film. So sad.) 
After the masterpiece was complete, I let it dry and then let Little Mister touch his painting. It  is bumpy and textured and Hayden loved feeling it. 
Little Chunk is so proud of his work! 
Then we hung his first picture up on our frame wall for all to see. It was a great first art experience and I can't wait to do more artwork with my baby.

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  1. I am obsessed with this! Definitely have to try it with Shepherd. Thanks for sharing!


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