live colorfully

 One of my best friends celebrated her birthday last weekend and she is a big Kate Spade fan. Kate Spade's quote, "Live Colorfully" perfectly exemplifies my friend's life, so I decided to create a little piece of  colorful art for her birthday.  
The first thing that I did was to print out the letters for the quote in 200 pt. font. I then cut out the letters and traced them onto to contact paper and then cut them out again.  
 Next I stuck the letters to a canvas in an arrangement that I liked, with "Live" at the top and "Colorfully" near the bottom.  
After that I painted an abstract floral pattern all over the canvas, covering the letters and using every color of acrylic paint in my box.  
 When the paint started to dry, I peeled off the contact paper letters, so that the white canvas showed through. 
 This was an easy and fun art project and it made a sweet/personal gift for my favorite friend! 

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