Last week I decided it was time to give our front door a bit of personality. When we moved in, it was a plain jane yellow that matched our siding. Boring! I decided to go for a little drama and paint it gray. 
Prep work made this painting job super fast and easy. We have some serious locks that apparently can't be taken off easily so I taped off the hardware, rather than attempt the impossible. I also taped around the outside of the door to make sure there was a nice clean line. 
 We chose an Ace Hardware color called "High Society" since that's obviously what we are (ha). I purchased a quart of it in semi-gloss exterior paint + primer to give it a slightly glossy sheen. 
 I used a 2 inch Purdy paint brush (the best!) to paint the panes of the door and then a small  foam roller to cover the rest of the door. I made sure to paint with light, even coats to keep the paint from dripping or getting globby. This is what it looked like after 1 coat of paint: 
I gave the door two more very light and even coats to get complete coverage. The whole project took about two hours and made a dramatic difference to the front of our house. 
 ...Just in time for me to decorate our door for fall (pictures coming soon!) 

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