in which we make tiny ghosts

The kindergarten teacher in me couldn't resist doing a Halloween-themed art project with Hayden to celebrate his first major holiday. I decided that we would paint ghosts to send to our friends and family in the form of Halloween cards. I've done a variation of this project before with my students so I simply adapted it to make it more baby-friendly.
The first thing I did was purchase all my supplies: two pieces of black card stock, three pieces of orange card stock, and a packet of googly eyes.
Then I found a recipe for nontoxic paint. I decided that since Hayden's baby skin would actually be touching paint this time, I wanted to keep him away from any chemicals that could be in regular finger paint. This recipe was easy to follow and made a nice chunky paint. (As a side note, I have plenty left over so I can add food coloring to it to make other colors for future projects!)
Next, I prepped an area outside for our little art project since I knew it would get a little messy! You can see our process in this short video below:
I let the ghosts dry for a couple hours before  bringing them inside to cut out.  
After cutting out all the little feet, I used glue to attach eyes to each one. 
Then I cut my orange card stock into 6 inch squares and printed up a little Halloween greeting. 
I glued everything down to the card and added a current fall picture of the artist himself to the back of each card.

Easy, fun, and cheap- the perfect holiday craft! 

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