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Last week was a week; as in, "what a week!". Hayden was sick with a cold and not able to sleep or eat much for the first four days. Nick's job got even more crazy and he was often working in our home office until 1 am. Despite sleep deprivation by all, we persevered with our kitchen project, though we didn't get quite as much done this week as planned. 
Here's where things stand this morning: The cabinet frames have been primed and painted with three coats of paint. We think that we may be done with the painting inside. 
On Saturday, Nick spent 3+ hours sanding all the doors and drawers and I spent some time priming everything in the garage. All the door backs have primer and one coat of paint. All the drawers have been primed and painted once. 
We are using Benjamin Moore's Advanced Paint, which seems to be the go-to paint for painting cabinets and doors. It's a latex paint that acts like an oil and hardens over time- making it extra durable for much used kitchen cabinets. The paint can says to wait 16 hours between coats of paint, so we're only able to one coat of a paint a day, making this a very long process. 

Here's what we have left to do:  
  • Paint the drawers with two more coats of paint.  
  •  Paint the back of the back of the cabinet doors once more. 
  • Prime and paint the front of the cabinet doors (3 coats) 
  •  Spray paint all the hinges  
  •  Add the drawer pulls and knobs 
  •  Rehang all the cabinet
 If all goes well, we hope to be finished with all painting and cabinet hanging by next weekend... We shall see! 

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