Ohhhh Sprriiiing....

Where are you????
March is here and I'm ready for some springy weather. Unfortunately, my 10-day forecast tells me otherwise, as we head into another dreary rainy spell. Luckily, I have a few Spring-like reminders around the home. The calendar project my mom started at Christmas is going strong and I was so excited to put up the very Springy March page, in our kitchen.
This page gives me hope for warmer days and time spent outside.
Next, I have a few spring-like branches that my dad cut down for me, from my grandpa's yard. See, we did have the 70 degree weather for a while, it just happened in late January/early February. So lots of trees began to bloom early. I've had these branches for almost a month and regular water changes are keeping them looking fresh and green!
How about you guys, any spring-like reminders in your home? Or are you fortunate enough to have some nice warm weather where you live?

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