From Placemats to Pillows

I love throw pillows; we have quite a collection in our home! They are a great accessory and a fun way to switch up the mood of a room. However, even a pair of fairly cheap pillows can end up costing $40+. Yikes! Here's a way you can make your own pair of throw pillows for less than $10.
Here's what you need:

  • 2 placemats
  • poly-fil (found a Michael's for $3)
  •  a seam ripper
  • a needle
  • thread
I found these placemats at Pier1 for $3 each. I love the yellow and turquoise and thought that these would be a perfect way to brighten up our living room, just in time for Spring. 

tip: In order to make a pillow, you must use a placemat that has two pieces sewn together (not just one thick piece). 
The first thing you do is use a seam ripper and carefully pull out the seam on one side of the placemat. 
Create a hole just wide enough to fit your hand inside.
Next, fill the placemat to your desired pillow-thickness, with poly-fil. Make sure the stuffing is equally dispersed within the placemat, especially in the corners. 
Lastly, stich up the seam again, using tiny tight stitches. 
My sewing isn't the best but it does the trick of holding everything together. Plus, it's barely noticeable (when you're not zoomed in on it!).
Who knew?! Placemats aren't just for the table anymore! 


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