Boy Toy

Despite what you may think, I don't make ALL the decorating decisions in our home (maybe just 95% of them...) Even if I tend to mastermind more of the ideas, we definitely talk over each and every decor decision (and no, Nick's eyes don't glaze over during these conversations) and he approves and helps in execution.
Anyway, this latest addition was all Nick. We purchased a small 20 inch TV for our upstairs tower room; something for guests, movies in bed, or when we just can't agree on what to watch. I'm not a huge fan of TVs in the bedroom, but I figured there wasn't any harm, since it's not actually our bedroom.
We decided to mount the TV on the wall above the dresser. 
I'm not a big fan of cords showing, so Nick cleverly hid them in wiremold and then painted it the same color as the wall.
The TV looked a little lonely on that wall all by himself, so this past weekend, we added a few more friends and tried to help him "blend in" to the room a little bit better...But, more on that tomorrow!

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