Entry Hall Switcharoo

I know, I know we've lived in our apartment for a little over two months and I'm already switching things around. What can I say; rearranging furniture has always been a favorite pastime of mine...
Let's take a looksy at the "before" situation:
Not bad, but I wasn't loving the bench + coat rack combo. Somehow it fit in much better in our old apartment than in this current one. However, I really had no big plans of changing it yet.
A couple of weeks ago, we came home to find our homemade coat rack had crashed down to the bench. Neither Nick or I had the inclination to put it back up, since we weren't in love with it... However, the bench by itself wasn't doing it for us either...
Long story short, I was at a thrift store perusing their limited furniture section and a narrow wooden cabinet caught my eye. I excitedly texted Nick to say, I found a replacement for the bench; do want to go check it out after work? His response, "Go. Buy." Such faith that man has in me!
Anyway, we unloaded the piece and set up a mock display in the entryway, just to see what we thought.
It fits perfectly!
It doesn't impede the walkway anymore than the bench did and it offers some serious interior storage (perfect for hiding away someone's gigantic laptop bag each night...). My furniture guy, who inspects all nooks and crannies for me, declared the inside wonderfully spacious. 
Which means... I have another painting project to keep me busy. How delightful! 
(Don't feel sorry for the bench, he got to join the party upstairs where all the cool kids hang out...)

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